Pasaban Accounting Solutions is a financial solutions provider for the real estate industry. We work with investors and other real estate professionals in need of accountants who speak their language. With real estate investors especially, income sources may include short-term rental units, highly regulated types of investments and income sources with a high degree of complexity.

Pasaban Accounting Solutions can handle it all, whether you need occasional accounting solutions or an outsourced CFO. Our goal is to help you manage data and financial information so that you can stay compliant and get the best return on investment.

What We Can Do for You

Our team helps real estate investors with:

  • Accounts receivable
  • W9 tracking
  • Yearly 1099’s
  • Dashboard financial reportingaccounting services for real estate investors
  • Tax preparation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Data management
  • Accounts payable
  • Invoicing
  • Job costing
  • Maximizing ROIs

In addition to these services, you can turn to Pasaban for:

  • Virtual CFO services
  • Strategic planning
  • Controller services process management
  • Real-time key performance indicators
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Real-time business valuations
  • Rolling 90-day cash flow projections
  • Capital investments
  • SOW and SOP development
  • Cash flow management
  • Financial planning and strategy

We also offer other business solutions that will help as your investment company grows.

How We Can Help You Get the Greatest ROI

Getting accurate financial information in the real estate industry is essential, especially for investors. You can’t make the most of investment opportunities if you don’t know, in real time, what your cash flow is like or what expenses are coming up. You can’t apply for financing at advantageous rates if you can’t show lenders that you have professionally maintained financial records and details to help them evaluate your credit risk.

Pasaban will help you by showing you your full financial picture and keeping your financial records accessible and accurate. In real time, you’ll always be able to look up your data to apply course corrections as needed and make key decisions about what properties to invest in, which investments to get rid of and what steps to take next.

Quite simply, you need a team to get to the top. In real estate and investing, success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. If you’re an investor, you may need to work with architects, contractors, renters and others, which means you need to understand what you owe and what is owed to you. With professional accounting from Pasaban, you’ll have the tools required to act quickly when you see an investment opportunity or when an opportunity fails to live up to expectations.

Pasaban can also help you avoid overhead costs associated with hiring a full-time accountant. Our services come with no-surprise billing, so you can budget accurately. What’s more, our cloud-based services will free you from endless in-person meetings so that you can focus on growing your portfolio. They’re designed for real estate professionals, so you’ll get more value than you would with a part-time service or a professional with no knowledge of this unique market.

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